Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

To date, the construction of a pig sty and a chicken coop have been completed successfully.


Pig project

The pig sty was constructed with the successful completion of two sties with 11 pens to cater for one pig each. Four gilts and a boar were procured to start the pilot project, of which the gilts have furrowed and some were sold to sustain the orpharm. Another pig Sty was built as the project expanded. The pig sty has 6 pens and each pen caters for 15 pigs.




The market for the broilers has been consistent. It is unfortunate however due to space, that there have been inconsistencies in our ability to supply. As CFA we are continuing to increase the size of our pens in order to accommodate more batches of chicken, regularly and this will ensure that customers continue to come. Thus far, there has been no need to travel with the chickens to market, as they are all bought from the farm.




The layers have been producing consistently over the years. The aim is to see the construction of a chicken run to accommodate more layers, to be expanded as time goes on. We are in the process of ordering more chickens.