Participate in changing lives by volunteering or making a donation to Child Future Africa which will help us create a self sustained opharm.

About Us
Child Future Africa is a private voluntary organisation that was registered in 2002. It runs an orphanage shelter in Mt Darwin, Mashonaland Central province in the northern part of Zimbabwe.

Since 2005, the Child Future Africa offers a home, an education and a future to impoverished orphans and vulnerable children in the Mt Darwin district in the north of Zimbabwe. Our children attend primary education at Rukururwi Primary, a school close by, and higher education at Madziwa Secondary School, about 7 km from the children’s home. Both primary and secondary school struggle to deliver a sufficient quality of education. There is a lack of books, materials, methods and classroom blocks. Child Future Africa provides its children with the basics for living an independent life though sometimes it’s not enough.
Child Future Africa
25 Ridge Road
Tel: +263 4 335 176, Fax: 335341

In Zimbabwe children below the age of 15 constitute an estimated 47% of the total population and sadly 1 in every 3 children in this age bracket is orphaned, with parents having fallen victim of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. These children not only need our help, they need your assistance as well. Make a conscious decision to make a significant contribution in a child’s life and “give that child a future.”

There are so many ways in which you can touch the lives of these special children by way of volunteering your skills, we have identified the following key areas though you are not restricted to just stated assistance areas;

How YOU can “Give a Child A Future”

1. Those that are artistic can help by painting our orphanage to spruce up the image of the center. Maybe you do not have the skills to but you have the money, why not donate towards this cause
2. The orphanage is in need of curtains in the dormitories where our children sleep and in their public use areas. You can assist by meeting the cost of supplying curtains for the orphanage so that the center is homely for our children
3. You can volunteer your time as well, help us impart life skills into our children, skills that will enable them to develop an entrepreneurial mind and to allow them to earn money out of what they can do, such skills as dress making, art, sculpturing, building, etc
4. Education is an investment that cannot be overemphasized, volunteer your time and skill by taking our children for classes in such subjects as English, Mathematics, Geography, General Knowledge, among others. Even a foreign language…why not???
5. We would also appreciate volunteers who conduct awareness campaigns/workshops with our children so that they are educated and informed about HIV/AIDS

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Foster A Child
Every child deserves a family

The new CFA foster programme aims to provide orphaned and vulnerable children with care and love from foster parents / guardians. This involves offering these children the individual care and support  needed to reach their full potential Of utmost importance is commitment to the child’s education.

Foster care will play a fundamental role in the lives of the children as it will provide them with a sense of belonging, socially. It will also play a huge role towards the children’s education since CFA does not always have enough and it will be the duty of every foster parent / Guardian to see to the child’s needs in terms of school fees, uniforms and any other school materials.
Eligibility criteria

We work collaboratively with the Social Welfare to authorize foster parents or guardians to bring up a child.

CFA has child profiles on each and every child at the children’s home and it is up to an interested parent or guardian to choose randomly a child they wish to foster or sponsor.
Foster a child today!

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our foster care program or by sponsoring a child.Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos


Our Volunteers
It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean lifestyle because you get to spend time with kids who take pride in their afrocentric beliefs. Child Future Africa is a place to be especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids. My experience with the kids motivated me to develop a portal where activities of this home can be showcased at the same time opening doors for more volunteers. Above all i really enjoyed my time at the CFA Orpharm.
Yusuf Iya

Yusuf Iya

Web And Mobile Developer
Joel Mtangadura

Joel Mtangadura

Communications Officer
Natalie Ngwenya

Natalie Ngwenya

Artist, Graphics Designer and Photographer


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Web Developer


Web Developer


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